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Episode 14 - Kickstarting a Robotics Revolution.

Picture of Jason Morrella
Guests: Jason Morrella Position: Executive Director and Co-founder of the Revolution Robotics Foundation.
Topics: We learn where the idea for a new robotics system based upon Open Source came from, their plans to be less proprietary while keeping prices down, and their very cool idea for a Grand Slam of Robotics.
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Episode 13 - Gleeves, Drifting Gyros and Astronaut fingernails

Picture of FLL team JP2 Legacy at Worlds
Guests: Team members and Mentor Position:champions
Topics: We interview Team 191 JP2 Legacy, winner of the Minnesota FLL state championship. We learn how they craft their presentation, the amount of time they put in each week, their favorite Doctor and something rather interesting about Astronaut fingernails.
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